Craig McLaughlin represented one of our medical device companies in a patent infringement case against a large eye products company and I was impressed with Craig’s legal knowledge, rapid uptake on technical issues and professionalism.  I consider Craig McLaughlin the best patent attorney I have ever worked with because he gets results. 

                                                     Rod Ross
                                                     CEO, Med-Logics, Inc.


I have good friends that have operated a restaurant in Southern California for decades and which also hosts karaoke music.  In late 2011, they were sued in federal court for trademark infringement by Slep-tone Corporation, a karaoke disc manufacturer.  In the lawsuit, Slep-tone alleged millions of dollars in damages.  As a lawyer, I recognized that the matter was quite serious and that my friends needed specialized help from a trademark litigator.  I knew that Craig McLaughlin was knowledgeable and experienced in this area of the law and I was happy to recommend him to my friends.  Craig thereafter vigorously took on this corporation and its two law firms and before long had turned the tables.  In fact, his excellent representation caused Slep-tone's case to fold up like a pup tent in a windstorm and it ended up owing my friends money.  In an actual order, the judge cited to the evidence in Craig's brief of plaintiff's bad faith litigation conduct and stated that the lawsuit was "nothing more than a shakedown," dismissed the case with prejudice and ordered defendants to pay Craig's reasonable legal fees.  Craig gave our case personal attention, maintained very good client attorney communication, submitted high quality work, and achieved excellent results. I would highly recommend his services.

J. Marie Gray, Esq.
Laguna Niguel, California


When confronted with a complex problem involving intellectual property, I found Craig McLaughlin to be a source of sound legal advice and insight.  I highly recommend his firm.

                                                   John Bradley Jackson
                                                   The Center for Entrepreneurship
                                                   California State University, Fullerton


I came to know Craig McLaughlin after being served with a federal lawsuit for unfair competition.  I was very frightened and did not know what to do.  Fortunately, he was recommended to me by another lawyer.  Mr. McLaughlin immediately eased my mind and gave me confidence that he would be there for me. He got me through a very trying time, keeping me informed all along the way, and was able to get the case against me completely dismissed.  I will be forever grateful to him for his professionalism and especially for his sincere concern. I would highly recommend his firm.



Recently, a good friend of mine was sued by a large corporation for trademark infringement.  As an attorney that did not practice in this area, I researched the Orange County Trial Lawyer Association's membership directory and found Craig McLaughlin, a fellow member, who had experience litigating in this field.  Once I contacted him, Craig gladly met my friend at her place of work and began the defense of the case.  He communicated with opposing counsel, answered the lawsuit and sought early discovery.  Throughout the case, Craig was responsive to the client and to me as referring attorney.  In a relatively short amount of time, Craig achieved settlement on confidential terms and the case was dismissed in full with prejudice.  My friend was greatly relieved.  I would certainly recommend Craig for legal services in this area.

                                                           Sam Eagle, Esq.  2012


Mr. McLaughlin,

I was very impressed with your firm’s attention to the legal needs of my business.  Thank you so much for all your dedication and hard work on my case.  I am so pleased with the verdict you achieved at trial and victory on appeal.  I learned so much and will be recommending your firm highly to my friends and clients.

                                                           W. R.


When our company obtained a large judgment in a Federal court copyright case in San Francisco, we didn't think collecting the money would be easy, and it wasn't.  The defendant went into hiding, refused to respond to communications, and fought us every inch of the way.  We discovered that an attorney was essential for collecting this sort of debt, and then discovered that there were very few who were willing to help. Craig  McLaughlin, however, was recommended by an associate and we are happy to recommend him also.  He knew exactly what was required and helped us finally collect the entire amount.  I was very impressed with his professionalism and gentlemanly conduct, even with our defiant debtor, and his quite reasonable billing.  Despite the rap that lawyers gouge their clients in cases like these, Craig's fees were perfectly appropriate and affordable, and they didn't take a very big slice of the check that we finally pried from the sticky fingers of our debtor.  We are pleased to recommend him.

                                                   Hans Halberstadt
                                                   Military Stock Photography
                                                   240 South 13th Street
                                                   San Jose, California 95112
                                                   (408) 293-8131


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